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* Basics * Hair Color: Dark Brown, auburn. * Hair Style:… - I Want a Trip Inside Your Head [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 25th, 2004|10:20 am]
* Basics

* Hair Color: Dark Brown, auburn.
* Hair Style: Curly, fluffy.
* Eye Color: Blue-ish, grey-ish purple.
* Height: 5'5''
* Weight: Don't know, and if I did, why would I post it anywhere? XD
* Do You Have More Fat or Muscle: Fat, probably. XD
* Age: 13 almost 14, blegh.
* Skin Tone: Very pale and fair.

* Fashion

* Favorite Designer: I don't know any designers.
* Favorite Store: Hot Topic, Ragstock (a little bit), and... Suncoast? Does that count?
* Favorite Color: Red, orange, purple, and black.
* Fabric: Cotton.
* Favorite TV Channel: Anime Network, TBS, and whatever channel 78 (the old movie channel) is called.
* Style: Grungy-trash-punk-goth.


* Do you have a crush: No, unless it's a celebrity.
* Who is it if so: Matt Dillon, does he count?
* Bikinis or one peice suits: One pieces, because most bikini's are for sluts nowadays.
* How Many Hot Boys Are At Your Church: I don't go to church.
* Do guys look at you: When I talk to them or if I'm making faces at them.
* How Many People Like You: I don't know.
* Do you believe in love at first sight: How would I know?

* Family

* How Many People in your family ( not including relatives ): 6, including myself.
* Pets: Dog, three turtles, fish, and a hamster.
* How Many Houses: One?
* Parents together or divorced: Together.

* Music

* What type of music do you like: Rock, metal, alt. rock, old punk, industrial.
* Favorite singer: Kurt Cobain.
* Favorite Radio Station: 93X (rock and metal).
* Online Radio Station: Haven't listened to any in a while.
* Favorite Song: Right now? Um... Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana.

* List 10 of your best friends (no order)

1. Meghan
2. Katie S.
3. Tiffany
4. Jenna
5. Kayla S.
6. Libby
7. Kirsten
8. Tristin
9. Marissa
10. Alex